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To bring your new email accounts online, you must make an entry into your domain name record. The purpose of this is to tell anyone trying to send you email where they can find your mail server. This change is usually done by whoever is listed as the Technical Contact on your domain name (usually your ISP or your web hosting company). You should contact them to ask them to make the change.

MX Record Change

There is a special record for each domain called a MX Record, and it defines the host responsible for that domain's email. If you manage your own DNS, you can simply change the MX Record using the directions below. Otherwise, you will need to contact your ISP or web host and ask them to make the change. It is a very easy change to make.

You will need to ask them to make this entry into your MX record. Once this is done, any email addressed to your domain name will be routed over to your new mailboxes.

Host Name Branding

If you wish to have your own name used for the mail server (instead of, ask your DNS administrator (usually your ISP or your web hosting company) to add the four CNAME records below to your domain. CNAME records act as aliases and allow you to use your own host names in place of the ones assigned by us.

Here is the strategy we recommend: CNAME

If there is some reason you cannot use CNAME records (and you have to use an A RECORD, then add this information: A RECORD

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