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You use the Domain (Mailbox) Administrator to make changes to your mailboxes, aliases, forwarding accounts and other configuration elements of your Mail Services account.

To access the Domain Administrator, open up a web browser and go to:


Enter the following information:

User Account: postmaster
Domain Name: (enter your domain name)
Password: yourpassword (enter your password)

This access information was provided to you by email shortly after your account was created.

Email Accounts

To view the email users for your domain click on "Email Accounts" from the main menu of the Domain Administrator. This will list all the email users for your domain. You can scroll through them using the index at the bottom of the page. The number of current users vs. allowed users is displayed at the top of the page.

Add Mailboxes
To add a new email account click "Create Email Account" at the bottom of the "Email Accounts" screen.

Catch All Account
One email account for each domain can be defined as a catch all account. This account will receive all of the email that was addressed to the domain that could not be delivered. You can also select to have undeliverable email deleted, bounced (returned to sender), or forwarded to another address using the links at the bottom of the "Email Accounts" screen. The default setting is to bounce undeliverable messages.

Modify Mailboxes
To modify an existing user, click the "Modify User" button. From this screen you can change the user's password, forward their email, and turn on a vacation message.

Aliases Forwards
To view the aliases and forwards for your domain click on "Aliases Forwards" from the main menu of the Domain Administrator. A user with an alias can receive email addressed to them or the alias. Forwards allow you to forward email addressed to a specified address at your domain to any Internet email address.

To add and edit autoresponders click on "Autoresponders" from the main menu of the Domain Administrator. Autoresponders send an automatic reply when email is received in the mailbox you specify.

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