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Our webmail program has a great suite of features available to your mailbox users. These features include the following:

      • Address Book: Keep your contact information online. Includes names, addresses, phone, email, and more. Import the data from your Outlook address book.
      • Spell Checking: Spell checker to let you review messages before sending.
      • Folders: Create unique folders for your different email subjects.
      • Search Messages: Search your messages.
      • Attachments: Add attachments to your email before sending.
      • User Preferences: Keep track of your preferences so they are remembered each time you log back into your Webmail.
      • Multiple Identities and Sent-From addresses: You can create multiple identities within Webmail so you can send email from your home address or your work address, even though it may be the Webmail account through your work.
      • Web-based Calendar: Keep track of your calendar of up-coming appointments within your Webmail program. Import your calendar from your Outlook program.
      • Memo Manager: Keep memos online so you can access them easily from home or work.
      • Task List manager: Keep track of your to-do list. Set neM tasks
      • Online Help: Lots of help references throughout the Webmail program.

Please see the help section inside Webmail for more information.

Supported Languages

Select your language when logging in. WebMail supports the following languages:

Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Dutch, German, English (GB), English (US), Spanish, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Netherlands, Norse, Polish, Portuguese, Russian (Windows), Russian (KOI8-R), Slovakian, Suomi, and Ukrainian

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