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This service was designed for business accounts who require professional level email services. We offer enhanced features normally only available to larger companies. All for a fraction of the cost.

Enhanced Features

All our email hosting service comes with the following features:

Webmail With Webmail, you can access your email from any computer that has Internet access. You simply open a web browser (like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) and you can get your email from home or the office or on the road. Excellent new features have been built into your webmail, including an address book online, an online calendar, a to-do-list online. (Webmail info.)
Antivirus Filtering We use state-of-the-art software to review all email that comes or goes through your accounts. It currently contains over 100,000 virus definitions and is updated every 3 hours. (Antivirus filtering info.)
Anti-SPAM Filtering We use state-of-the-art software to filter out the SPAM and other junkmail you receive. If the spammers have you on their lists, this will help. (Spam filtering info.)
POP Mail You also have full access to POP3 email used by most people. You will be able to access it through all of the popular email programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Netscape.
Alias and Forwarding Accounts You can create aliases and forwarding accounts to help manage your email. You can even create group aliases like and add mailboxes to it; then when you sent email to that address, a copy goes into each of the mailboxes in the alias list. You can even forward email to other addresses that are located somewhere else, like AOL.
Auto Responders You can create messages that are automatically sent whenever email is received in a designated mailbox. Use this to acknowledge the sender's email. You can also create vacation messages that are automatically sent to tell people you are on vacation and when you will be back.
Large Storage Mailboxes are set to hold up to 100 MB of storage, which allows you to receive email with large file attachments.
Large Attachments You can send attachments up to 100 MB in size. This is a major increase over what is typically allowed by ISPs and web hosting companies.
Customer Control Panel You have full access to a control panel where you can add/delete/modify mailboxes, aliases and forwarding accounts.
Easy Expansions As your needs grow, we can easily add more mailboxes to your account.

Why You Need these Mail Services

As a business, you know that efficiency is a critical part of how successful your business will be. A Mail Services account with us will help you in the following ways:

      • Better Access to Email. Your employees will be able to access their email from both the office and at home. For those who travel, they will also be able to get full access to the email. They can even upload their Outlook Address Book and Calendars into the Webmail program so they can get to it from any computer with Internet access.
      • Anti-Virus Filtering. The kind of damage that can be caused by getting infected by one of the thousands of viruses that are active on the Internet can cost you real dollars. It can take down both individual PCs as well as your entire network. Desktop solutions provide some protection. Let our Mail Services add to that solution.
      • SPAM Filtering. Every time your staff get junk email, it reduces their efficiency. Those annoying messages are not only time burners, but they can often contain harmful attachments that install unwanted programs onto your computers. It is best to reduce these intrusions into your business as much as possible.
      • Improved Security. We offer advanced encryption for high-security administration and email retrieval, which is becoming ever more important in today's competitive business environment.
      • Image Enhancement. By having your own email system, you can establish a consistent Internet identity for your company and your employees. You can give your employees email addresses like This reinforces your professional image and reminds people of your website.
      • Save Dollars. The cost of setting up your own mail server can be considerable. By outsourcing this service, you get features and services and reliability that you could not match on your own. And you save a lot of money you won't have to spend on hardware, software, IT time, and ongoing administrative costs. (Savings from outsourcing info.)

No Website Yet?

Even if you don't have that website yet, you can still get a domain name and your own email. We can help you set up an email hosting account so you can begin building name recognition for your company. Then when you do get your website, everyone will already have the website address (because it is part of your email). Doesn't this make more sense than having an email address at AOL?

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