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Can I send SPAM?
No. We do not tolerate any Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE, also called SPAM) activities. Our Mail Servers have been designed to help reduce the kind of problem represented by this abuse of the email system.

What About E-mailing to Opt-In Lists?
We recognize the use of opt-in lists as a legitimate business practice. It makes great sense for organizations to create lists of their customers and to use the email system to communicate with them. It is also appropriate to acquire opt-in lists from legitimate sources. We also recognize that no one has an opt-in list with "millions" of email addresses. Such things simply do not exist. Any mailing to such a list can only be considered spamming.

What if Someone I Have Given Mailing Privileges to Starts Spamming?
We look to you, our primary customer, to maintain this anti-spamming policy. It will be your responsibility to see that any reported spamming activity is terminated. If you do not suspend any spamming activity, your account will be suspended.


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